Turnaround Management
A well-structured turnaround management strategy enables senior leaders of distressed companies to first identify and understand the root causes that led to poor results and underperformance. The second step is to devise an appropriate strategy that enables the company to return to optimal business operations as quickly as possible.

Before a viable turnaround strategy may be implemented, an in-depth analysis is performed to evaluate the root causes of the distress.
  • Overly optimistic sales projections
  • Poorly designed or executed business strategies
  • High costs
  • Insufficient resources
  • Excessive debt burden
  • Inadequate financial controls

We look at a company's business operations, financials, marketing channels, and hiring practices to find areas of improvement and cost-reduction opportunities.

Once the causes are identified, we develop a phased approach to tackle our client's problems that takes into account available financial resources and the capacity to change. Our consultants then determine the best course of action and devise a plan that minimizes losses immediately and restores the path to growth. Effective turnarounds require oversight and often call for new organizational structures and processes in order to execute a strategy successfully such as:
  • Building new management teams
  • Divesting certain assets
  • Redefining strategic objectives
  • Restructuring finances
  • Removing costs
  • Generating additional revenue streams

We uniformly implement solutions across the company and investigate each area of an organization to tailor solutions accordingly, whether the solution involves selling business units, making acquisitions, redefining relationships, outsourcing certain business processes, or ultimately devising an exit strategy.