Steward Nazzaro, Principal
Steward Nazzaro has 25 years of experience in turnaround and restructuring, startup situations, strategic information systems planning, development methodologies, management of applications deployment including custom, packaged software, data warehousing, and management of network and data center operations. He has a blend of strategic and tactical skills and a background including CEO, CIO, and Big-4 Partner level consulting experience. Mr. Nazzaro's background also includes experience as part of a management team that oversaw venture capital distributions to portfolio companies.

Mr. Nazzaro is recognized as an executive who can lead and focus technology on business objectives. He has a record of making immediate operational improvements, building the technology portfolio and infrastructure to support expansion, while developing a lean, adaptable organization capable of meeting unexpected changes.

Mr. Nazzaro led the $75M re-architecting of MBNA’s credit card billing and maintenance system. In one year, he turned the program around to not only complete its direct marketing and promotional objectives, but also complete MBNA’s first CRM, which for the first time permitted identification of accountholders. This became the most used transaction for MBNA, the world’s second largest issuer.

Mr. Nazzaro was recruited to restructure and infuse technology into Pacific USA Holdings’ businesses and venture capital investments. Infusing meaningful business technology and processes led to the organic development of a $1.5B debt consolidation business. He managed a turnaround strategy from an annual loss to $2M in profit. Through his strategic vision and leadership, a telecom management subsidiary increased sales to $6M. He also managed the startup of a sustainable sub-prime auto lending business. At the same time, he restructured Pacific USA Holdings, leading to a 50% savings in technology expense.

Mr. Nazzaro has also led a project for a major foreign health and life insurance company through a phased approach to develop information technology support for business processes and helped the client prepare for offshore development that brought immediate business results.

Mr. Nazzaro has led transformation efforts and managed a $75M P&L. As a consultant at CSC, he developed worldwide data center migration strategies for Sears and Motorola permitting them to migrate to a more economic and secure environment.


Deal Summary

  • Reorganized contracts to reduce costs by 50%
  • Developed IP protection strategy, managed IP development process for a buyout of $2M, opening the way to a $100B market
  • Led formation of new insurance company to write $250M in premiums the first year
  • Redeveloped logistics for early stage healthcare client, acquired for $175M


  • University of Denver
    MBA, Finance and Accounting
  • University of Denver
    BA, Chemistry and Physics

Prior Roles

  • PMO Practice Lead, Tata Consulting Services
  • Partner, Large Program Management, CSC
  • CEO, Pacific Technology Services
  • CIO, Pacific USA Holdings
  • Executive VP, Strategic Systems, MBNA Corporation
  • VP of Systems Technology, Home Insurance Company
  • Partner, Strategic Information Systems, BearingPoint (KPMG)