Staff & Talent Management
In a start-up environment, each additional contractor, vendor, or new-hire has a huge impact on the business. Hiring and retaining the right skilled talent should never be underestimated - attracting quality and trustworthy people is essential in getting a new business off the ground. Our consultants also review the benefits of hiring contractors or vendors rather than hiring employees.

Finding qualified and experienced talent with personalities that complement a company's current staff within a corporate culture is not easy. We help narrow this gap by analyzing the needs of the company, and based on these needs, identify the type of person that would complement the existing team and augment weaknesses or provide capacity for growth. Our consultants also aid in developing a corporate culture that the business deems an asset and "selling point" to attract the highest quality talent.

Our areas of expertise include contractor, vendor, and employment agreement structures; performance review tools; and incentive programs. Our advisors assist in the following terms during contractor, vendor, and employee negotiations.
  • Compensation
  • Stock option structure
  • Bonuses
  • Nondisclosure Covenants
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Intellectual property rights