Social Enterprise
Social entrepreneurs couple the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and business models to ventures with a social objective. They are ambitious and persistent and bring innovative solutions to society's most pressing social problems. Social entrepreneurs are agents of change who find what is not working and use market opportunities and innovative strategies to change the system and disseminate the solution - ultimately resulting in a beneficial societal equilibrium shift. Although the idea of using business strategies to tackle the world's social issues is a relatively new concept, it is a concept that is gaining credibility and momentum at a rapid pace.

The Social Enterprise practice works with entrepreneurs to create a business plan that pulls from both social and business sector strengths. Our professionals help these unique Entrepreneurs determine which business model - for profit versus not-for-profit - would be most beneficial in realizing their vision. In addition, our consultants identify existing tools and systems that may be leveraged to advance the social business. Our deep philanthropic expertise coupled with our understanding of the business sector helps our clients seize opportunities that others may have missed.