Revenue Development & Sales Strategy
A revenue strategy, focused on diversification, is equally important for business stability. We identify the core competency of each company, thereby enabling us to determine the value proposition statement for that business. Our consultants analyze a company's financials, existing product and service offerings, and current customer mix to identify any opportunities that may generate additional streams of revenue with no increase, or only a marginal increase, in expenses.

We work closely with each client to create sales and marketing strategies specifically tailored to the company's unique resources and create a marketing plan that is integrated with the overall business tactics, functions, and processes of the company. Our consultants help an entrepreneur determine a marketing strategy - cost leadership, differentiation, or focus strategy - that will be most beneficial for the overall interests of the company. This marketing strategy is customized to meet the target market niche for their distinctive product or service offering. Once this strategy is determined, our advisors help the company's executives make key decisions relating to pricing, promotion, distribution, and prospect research specific to the client's industry.

Competition is prevalent in every industry, making it even more necessary for a company to highlight its products and services creatively. Our consultants often recommend guerrilla-marketing techniques, which are unconventional low-cost advertising methods, to leverage an entrepreneur's already limited resources to target and draw in potential customers. We also help our clients identify technology and cutting-edge communication strategies such as the use of digital media, RSS feeds, webinars, and social networking sites to deliver an integrated vision and message to the customer.