Private Equity
Private equity investors, from angel and seed funds to venture capitalists to hedge funds and investment banks, are experiencing a shortfall of available funds, decreased exit opportunities, and decreased returns on investment. Drawing on experience managing and advising a range of private equity investors, the Private Equity practice group works closely with investors to effectively balance portfolios and maximize the rate of return on each company.

An effective portfolio balance is not a static equation, but a moving target based on changing economic factors and long-term market projections. Our advisors guide firms that invest in non-overlapping industries and market segments.

Although due diligence uncovers potential issues within a company, often the executive management is unable to remedy those issues on its own in a timely and effective manner. By leveraging the resources of Capital Perception, investors may address due diligence issues that will increase valuation, decrease burn rate, and increase the probability of a successful exit opportunity.

Our advisors have been recognized as managers of a VC 100 Firm by Entrepreneur Magazine.