Pradeep Bhargava, Principal
Pradeep Bhargava provides strategic financial planning advice to clients from all industries. He has 40 years of experience in corporate planning and financial support, with 14 years of consulting experience. He understands the demands placed upon an executive management team, having served as a Managing Director, President, CEO, and CFO, in addition to sitting on several boards. Mr. Bhargava has also pursued several successful entrepreneurial ventures in the technology field.

Mr. Bhargava has implemented internal financial controls that integrate the effective management of cash flow and overhead expenses into the business process. He has supported major projects that require significant quantitative and qualitative analysis such as analytical financial plans. A sound financial plan analyzes organic growth, equity investments, and debt financing options to provide a company with clear growth options. This analysis includes an exploration of major events such as acquisition or divestiture of business activities.

He is intimately familiar with the financial challenges of small businesses, in particular those with small management teams and limited resources. For these clients, cultivating relationships with the bank and equity investors is critical to the business. As a former bank executive and CFO responsible for cultivating relationships, Mr. Bhargava provides recommendations on how to identify and manage these relationships for clients. By understanding how the bank views an investment, his clients are able to develop a clear message and negotiate terms to lines of credit or loans. In addition, he advises companies by drawing from his experience as managing director of an offshore hedge fund, IndicaInvest Ltd., which managed $10M.

As a bank executive, Mr. Bhargava has managed several aggressive bank growth strategies by growing the number of branches from 20 to 70 through acquisitions. In addition, while at Allied Bank, he oversaw 10 to 12 acquisitions per year. In order to continue increasing revenue, Mr. Bhargava focused on designing a data center that leveraged real time data and flexible rates, based on individual terms, to maximize client profitability and provide individualized customer service.

As a board member of the Sears Savings Bank, he was a member of the Audit Committee, ALCO, and Chairman of the Trust Committee.


Deal Summary

  • Managed growth strategy to increase bank locations from 20 to 70
  • Oversaw over 20 acquisitions in two years
  • Managing Director of $10M offshore hedge fund


  • Case Western Reserve University
    PhD, Studies in Systems Engineering
  • Case Western Reserve University
    Graduate Studies in Finance & Economics
  • University of Allahabad, India
    MS, Physics
  • University of Allahabad, India
    BS, Physics and Mathematics

Prior Roles

  • Chair and Managing Director, Global Energy and Light Group
  • Director and CFO, Nanocrystal Technology
  • Managing Director, Pacific USA Holdings
  • CEO, Pacific Savings Bank
  • President, Global Management Solutions
  • Managing Director, IndicaInvest Ltd
  • VP and Treasurer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group
  • Director, Sears Savings Bank
  • Senior VP, Corporate Planning, National Bancshares Corporation of Texas