Our Leadership
Capital Perception professionals, many of whom are recognized as experts in their respective fields, bring with them practical experience, strong analytic skills, and a fresh perspective to every client engagement. The combination of specialized analytical tools and methodology, a collaborative work environment, and a clear understanding of an organization's needs enables our consultants to deliver evidence-based customized solutions allowing the client to identify new market opportunities and make important business and policy decisions, irrelevant of the size of the company.

Our principals are C-level executives who have extensive experience in both analyzing potential investment opportunities as well as managing venture capital portfolios. Our professionals draw from entrepreneurial backgrounds, allowing them to effectively anticipate and solve common issues that face small to mid-size businesses.

Principals draw on an average of 30 years of experience as executives and partner-level consultants. These principals provide clients with C-level strategic and tactical insight into an industry and its business processes, integrating deep management expertise, thereby enabling our clients' executive management teams to develop and implement mission critical plans and strategies to achieve their specific goals and objectives. Principals are C-level executives from diverse backgrounds including Fortune 500 companies, leading private equity and venture capital firms, major consulting firms, and successful start-ups.

Directors are experienced consulting professionals with an average of 14 years of experience in strategic business development and operations, financial research and analysis, revenue diversification, and technology solutions. Our directors are extremely committed and results oriented, working on a client project from the planning through implementation phases until the company realizes its business goals.