Funding Strategy
Our consultants work side-by-side with each client to develop an organic growth strategy or acquire investment capital, through debt or equity. We help our clients understand the ramifications of pursuing a debt transaction in developing a business versus the implications of sharing equity with investors.

An organic growth strategy enables an entrepreneur to grow the business with no external funding sources while retaining all of the equity in the company. This strategy is an excellent method to retain ownership and control of a business, but is also dependent on available resources and opportunities. Our consultants help our client determine which vehicles are best suited for a client's particular business by matching the needs of the company with the goals of its funder. We identify and evaluate the following debt and equity financing vehicles.
  • Personal and business loans
  • Strategic development partnerships
  • Grants
  • Angel investments
  • Convertible Loans

Our consultants also review the consequence of bringing in unaccredited equity investors and recommend alternative approaches to receive the required funding, while reducing the financial impact of regulatory compliance issues.

Once all parties involved have agreed upon the financing method, our advisors will then work with the client to identify possible strategic alliances and potential investor opportunities. Furthermore, we develop the required documents and messaging for an investment pitch, help the client prepare for an interview or presentation and, if requested, even accompanying the client to assist in the presentation.