Financial Growth Strategies
At Capital Perception, our consultants work with each client to evaluate its funding needs. Our consultants review the ramifications of growth options on the company and its shareholders. Organic growth, equity financing, and debt instruments and the most common growth options and should be employed in a strategic manner to grow the business effectively while retaining value for existing shareholders.

For those clients that are interested in an organic growth model, our consultants help executive management re-evaluate existing business processes to determine the best strategy to increase cash flow or curtail losses to stay competitive. Our consultants analyze revenue opportunities, sales strategies, and underutilized assets that can serve as new platforms for sustainable growth. We also evaluate internal strategies such as cost-cutting measures, operating process improvements, and the renegotiation of contract terms. The final stage of organic growth involves optimizing business processes and inefficiencies to increase cash flow. A client may also be in a position to acquire additional assets or businesses, or alternatively divest products or business units.

Our consultants work with each client to identify different debt vehicles, convertible instruments, or equity investment opportunities available, determine the specific requirements for that type of funding, and then help secure that funding. We help each client understand organizational structures preferred for different funding mechanisms and the implications and probabilities of success of one funding strategy versus another. Whether it is an initial public offering, a strategic merger, a leveraged buyout, or a sale of business units, our experts evaluate industry trends, and stock market conditions relevant to the company to determine the best exit strategy.