Capital Planning
The second session in the Concept to Capital Workshop Series is a two-day, 16-hour class that prepares Entrepreneurs to launch a business. This session walks Entrepreneurs through the drafting of a summary business plan to identify the value proposition statement of the business, a measurement system, organization and operational plans, and revenue strategy. Participants will understand how to create a board of directors or advisors that will enhance the business. In order to position and penetrate the target marketplace, participants will be introduced to the fundamental elements of a branding strategy. Each participant will determine the legal process to start and manage a business and will be introduced to accounting and back office responsibilities.

Guest Speakers: Director from StaffLeader will address accounting and back office management. An attorney from Haynes and Boone will discuss the legal process and recommended documents.

Individual Consulting Hours: To complement the workshop, 15 hours of consulting time is available in five blocks of time at a reduced price when reserved at registration. Participants may reserve a time for consultation by phone.
  • Refine strategic message and develop a value proposition statement.
  • Draft organizational and operational plan that outlines key management and business strategy.
  • Explore the development of a revenue and marketing strategy.
  • Develop a timeline for activities and milestones.
  • Understand accounting and back office responsibilities and resources.
  • Review legal structures and the process to incorporate.
  • Employment issues and what to expect.
  • Understand how to maintain corporate records.
  • Key Branding elements.
  • Review key IP legal issues.

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