Capital Intelligence
The key to business growth is competitive intelligence, information gathered and analyzed to understand competition in the market to make informed decisions. Competitive intelligence may also provide a business with key insights into potential threats and opportunities before that information becomes apparent to others in the marketplace. The consultative approach of the Capital Intelligence seminar will ensure results that may be easily implemented and will help participants develop and grow their competitive intelligence operations, creating a significant advantage over their competitors. This introductory seminar covers the following topics pertaining to competitive intelligence.
  • What is Competitive Intelligence?
  • Determining Intelligence Needs
  • Intelligence Collection Techniques & Relevant Information Sources
  • Creating a Detailed Competitive Landscape & Conducting Industry Analysis
  • Identifying Early Warning Signals and Exploiting Hidden Market Opportunities
  • War Gaming Theory & Scenario Analysis
  • Understanding, Anticipating, and Leveraging Innovation
  • Value Chain Analysis and Competitive Positioning
  • Uses of Competitive Intelligence

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Capital Intelligence

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