Capital Insight
The first session in the Concept to Capital Workshop Series is a one-day, 8-hour class for those that are exploring a new business opportunity. This session reviews the importance of sound personal financial and life planning prior to starting a business. Each entrepreneur develops and analyzes his or her business concept by drafting a concept plan that includes topics such as message, goals, and initial financials.

Guest Speaker: A Financial Adviser will discuss the importance of personal financial planning and insurance.

Individual Consulting Hours: To complement the workshop, a 2.5-hour block of consulting time is available at a reduced price when reserved at registration. Participants may reserve a time in-person (appointments are limited) or may reserve a time for consultation by phone.

  • Evaluate personal motivation factors, finances, & responsibilities
  • Define business concept
  • Basic competitive research
  • Draft strategic message that integrates goals and a measurement system
  • Initial budget drafting
  • Evaluate resources
  • How to network for success

Concept to Capital Sessions

Capital Insight

Capital Planning

Capital Funding

To schedule a private workshop for your business, please contact us at (214) 295-6224.