Capital Funding
The last session in the Concept to Capital Workshop Series is a two-day, 16-hour class focused on those who have a business that is at least 6 months old. An entrepreneur will re-evaluate his or her business and its potential for scalability and understand the pros and cons of debt and equity funding options. These growing businesses will receive information on group health insurance issues, how to develop a retirement plan, secure insurance, and re-invest revenue. In order to position the business, Entrepreneurs will be introduced to key business networks and resources.

Guest Speakers: An angel investor and an advisor to several venture capital firms will provide specific information regarding funding options and ramifications. Additional guest speakers will include a member of a bank loan committee, a sales channel expert, and a Financial Adviser.

Individual Consulting Hours: To complement the workshop, 52 hours of consulting time is available for two hours every other week for one year at a reduced price when reserved at registration. Participants may reserve a time for consultation by phone.
  • Understand how to pursue and plan for funding options: debt, equity, strategic partnerships, organic growth.
  • Explore the requirements to successfully execute exit strategies: merger, acquisition, IPO, or selling the business.
  • Insurance needs for a growing business: business insurance needs, key man insurance and healthcare.
  • Financial planning and retirement plans.
  • Leveraging sales channels .
  • Networking to provide business opportunities.
  • How to delegate effectively.

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Capital Funding

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