About Us
Capital Perception is a management consulting firm specializing in growth and exit strategies for Entrepreneurs, High Growth companies, and their Investors. Capital Perception practice areas focus on High Growth industries that include Clean Technology, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Life Science, Manufacturing and Distribution, Private Equity, Social Enterprise, and Technology.

Our clients look to us when they require strategic guidance, deep industry knowledge, and technology solutions. Unique multidisciplinary teams of professionals enable our clients to tap into a breadth of executive experience and perspectives to analyze and solve problems.

We envisioned a new type of consulting firm - a lean, focused firm - one that uses a holistic approach to assess each client's needs. This approach matches the executive's ability to implement and manage customized solutions based on each organization's unique circumstances. Capital Perception's innovative and flexible business model enables its consultants to work with executive management teams to effectively lead their business toward structured growth.

At Capital Perception, our goal is to make significant contributions to improve our clients' business performance and outcomes through our distinctive process and unique combination of talent, expertise, and dedication.

Our clients leverage experience and knowledge from Capital Perception's multidisciplinary teams, increasing their capacity to analyze and solve a problem from multiple angles and perspectives.

Our corporate philosophy emphasizes partnering with our clients to develop a relationship that is based on trust, confidence, and commitment to service and quality.

Experience and knowledge enable us to approach solutions from a different perspective.